Florida Keys Eco-tours

Find yourself in a luxurious oasis with a beautiful private beach in the heart of the County. We hope you will fall in love with this property just like we did.


Jordan Siadat
Jordan Siadat
Two Sisters Beach is the best large-group rental in Ontario. Our weekend there was incredible and all of us cannot wait to do our next reunion there again. If you have the opportunity to stay here, you will not regret it.
Josh Schachter
Josh Schachter
10/10 best short-term rental I have ever stayed at. Two Sisters Beach is a private oasis situated on a gorgeous (and massive) secluded lot in PEC. The Great House has impeccable details including perfectly curated furniture, a dream chef's kitchen and a 'main room' with stunning high ceilings. The Beach House is a cute addition for those that are looking for some quiet space away from the Great House. The owners continue to renovate and improve all areas of the property. Nicole was very attentive to all requests my group made and they genuinely seemed to care that my group was having the best possible time. Now the beach... I have never seen anything like it in Ontario. We felt like we were tossed onto a private Caribbean resort. My group loves activities/sports and we didn't sit down for a second - full beach volleyball court, basketball net, outdoor kitchen, fire pit...the list goes on and on. If you are looking for a beach vacation trip that is 2+ hours from Toronto, you have found it. We cannot wait to visit again - I will be telling all of my family and friends about Two Sisters Beach. Thanks for the incredible hospitality :)
Salimah Manji
Salimah Manji
Two sisters beach had to be one of my favourite vacation spots of all time. Everything about the space was incredible. We had about 14 girls total celebrating a bachelorette party, and the space was so open and welcoming, allowing everyone to truly have the best time and always feel included. Everything was user friendly, super clean, and thoughtful. The beach house space was also the coolest - we’ll have to come back to enjoy that a bit more. Overall, 11/10 experience. Absolutely loved it!!!
Nicole S
Nicole S
Celebrated our bride to be at Two Sisters for the May long weekend. It was an absolutely stunning space, and beautiful grounds. Definitely recommend for a special getaway with family and friends.
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee
Amazing place to stay house and the beach are beautiful! Definitely would recommend
Jeff Tory
Jeff Tory
We had a wonderful vacation at the Two Sisters Beach property in the summer of 2021. The property was well located to profit from all of the fun activities in PEC. The main house was very nice and functional for a family but the "hidden gem" is the beach house and the absolutely stunning beach area. We spent many days by the beach and we enjoyed using the various water toys and games.
Alan Gardner
Alan Gardner
This is a one of a kind oasis in PEC. Amazing setting. Perfectly located. Visiting Two Sisters is like being at your own private resort. It was a perfect vacation with our extended family. Local shops and wineries are minutes away, and town is just a short, pleasant drive. The beach is stunning and the accommodations are gorgeous with every comfort. A note about our hosts:. They were truly marvelous - kind and thoughtful, and absolutely responsive. We had a minor issue with the alarm that we tried to work through over the phone without immediate success. Nicole and her husband drove all the way in from Toronto to fix it. We were absolutely blown away. I could not recommend Two Sisters anymore highly.
Stephanie Gowan
Stephanie Gowan
Two Sisters Beach is a slice of heaven. Want your own resort, with breathtaking views, privacy, that's spotless and walking distance to amazing wineries, and breweries? Look no further. Every corner of the space has been thoughtfully considered, love the coffee bar and enormous couch that can seat a crowd. It's a hard choice where to be, inside with the stunning decor, or outside enjoying the soft sand beach and tiki bar. Canoes, kayaks, life jackets, lots to do. A short walk to County Cider for more views and great food on the patio. Two Sisters is a dream spot for reconnecting with family and friends. You won't be disappointed!
Nicky Banks
Nicky Banks
This place really is the perfect getaway. The grounds are unbelievably stunning with a beautiful lakefront - the beach is perfect for fun and relaxation. The main house features comfort at every turn...especially that couch! From early morning coffee to watching the sun set with a glass of wine, the deck was another perfect spot for us to hang out. We had a group of 8 and Two Sisters Beach was spacious enough for everyone. And, the hosts were awesome and really made staying here such a dream. We can't wait to go back!
Julie Granger
Julie Granger
Two Sisters accommodations are modern, spacious and very clean. The private grounds and sandy beachfront (complete with outdoor cooking area) are really special. It’s all beautifully maintained. During our September stay we enjoyed countless indoor and outdoor activities - paddle boarding and the tiki cabana were favourites! We could have spent the entire time on the property, but there are also many charming shops, wineries and restaurants to explore nearby in the County. The hosts (Nicole and Daina) have thought of every detail and are quick to respond to inquiries. From the decor choices (modern & stylish, yet cozy) and uniquely private location, to the long list of amenities included, this place has got to be among the best vacation properties in Ontario. Hands down 5 stars plus!

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Discover Eco-Adventures in the Keys

Inviting Florida Keys Resort as a Gateway to Eco-Adventures

At Florida Keys Airbnb, we entice our guests with a taste of paradise and an invitation to explore the natural splendor of our eco-system. The Florida Keys Eco-Tours are not merely excursions; they are gateways to experiencing the vibrant heart of these islands.

Every paddle stroke through the mangroves or snorkel dive into coral reefs is a narration of the unique story of the Keys. From the spellbinding sunsets to the diverse wildlife – each detail contributes to a larger mosaic of natural beauty.

Guided Nature Excursions

One can’t talk about the Florida Keys Eco-Tours without highlighting the personalized experiences that await. These tours are more than sightseeing; they’re informative journeys guided by passionate naturalists. Imagine kayaking through serene waters, surrounded by mangroves that whisper secrets of the sea.

Our guests often recount tales of their eco-tours as transformative, where they’ve encountered the elusive Key deer or spotted the vibrant hues of parrotfish among the coral. It’s not just about observing; it’s about connecting with the environment and gaining insights that resonate long after the tour concludes.

The Florida Keys Eco-Tours imbue a sense of wonder, inspiring visitors to become stewards of this fragile ecosystem. Engaging in these tours is to become part of our ongoing narrative, one rooted in conservation and respect for the diverse life that calls the Keys home.

Marine Life Exploration

The Florida Keys Eco-Tours reveal the underwater magic that is the backbone of the Keys’ identity. When you snorkel or dive the warm, clear waters, you’re granted an audience with an array of sea creatures in their natural habitat. It’s a world where colorful coral and schools of darting fish provide a backdrop for life-changing encounters.

Our guests often share accounts of swimming alongside a gentle sea turtle or locking eyes with a curious grouper. These moments are the essence of what we cherish about the Florida Keys, and we take pride in guiding our guests to experience them responsibly.

Choosing an eco-tour is a conscious decision to immerse oneself in the marvels of the ocean with minimal impact. We believe that to protect what we love, we must understand it – and what better way than by witnessing the wonders firsthand?

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

The Florida Keys Eco-Tours ethos extends beyond mere activities; it’s about the entirety of your stay. We champion eco-friendly practices in our Airbnb, from conserving water to minimizing waste, ensuring that our love for the environment is mirrored in your living space.

Our waterfront residence is not just a haven of tranquility; it’s a testament to sustainable tourism. After days filled with exploration, guests return to an abode that respects the serenity and purity of the Keys. It’s about waking up to a gentle breeze and a view that implores you to cherish and protect these delicate ecosystems.

Connecting with Nature

The essence of the Florida Keys Eco-Tours is found in the connections they forge – between humans and nature, present experiences and future preservation. Our guests tell stories of the friendships they’ve formed with tour guides, the local lore they’ve learned, and the perspectives they’ve gained.

A Florida Keys Eco-Tour is more than just a day’s outing; it’s an immersive experience that intertwines with the fabric of your vacation. It’s seeing the Keys through a lens of awe and respect, leaving footprints on the sand but taking only memories and leaving only ripples in the water.

Mesmerizing Sunset on a Caribbean Beach in Florida Keys

The opportunity to impact positively on the environment, even while indulging in its beauty, is a precious gift. We invite you to partake in this gift, to dive into the clear waters, paddle through the wildlife, and learn the rhythm of the Keys.

As custodians of this watery wonderland, we’re committed to offering experiences that are not only memorable but also meaningful. The Florida Keys Eco-Tours are an embodiment of this commitment, a pathway to being part of the Keys’ story – a story we’re eager to share with you.

Embracing a Sustainable Paradise

Welcome to a world where the sun-drenched tranquility of the Florida Keys meets conscientious living. The Florida Keys Airbnb is a sanctuary for those who yearn for both luxury and sustainability. As your host, I’m excited to share that our commitment to eco-friendly stays extends beyond simply offering a place to rest your head.

Our canal-front property is designed with an emphasis on energy conservation and minimal environmental impact. From low-flow faucets in our custom bathrooms to energy-efficient lighting throughout the retreat, we pride ourselves on creating an ambiance that resonates with the natural beauty of the Keys while safeguarding it for future visitors. Our dedication to eco-conscious practices is just one aspect of the full experience we offer here in the Florida Keys.

Eco-Conscious Exploration

The allure of the Florida Keys is not just in its breathtaking vistas but also in its efforts to preserve them. Eco-Friendly Stays in Florida Keys imply a synergy with nature, a concept we embrace wholeheartedly at our Airbnb. Guests are encouraged to explore the many eco-tours available, like kayak excursions through the mangroves or guided snorkeling trips on the coral reefs that act as crucial marine habitats.

Each adventure is an opportunity to witness the thriving ecosystems up close, fostering a deeper appreciation for their preservation. Additionally, our proximity to Looe Key provides a pristine underwater sanctuary ripe for exploration while championing conservation efforts. It’s these local experiences that accentuate the essence of Eco-Friendly Stays in Florida Keys.

If you’re venturing out to Marathon or Bahia Honda State Park, consider opting for bicycles or electric vehicles available for rent. Not only does this mode of transport align with the eco-friendly ethos, but it also allows for an immersive and leisurely exploration of the Keys’ unique landscapes.

Luxurious and Eco-Friendly: The Perfect Harmony

It’s a common misconception that luxury and eco-friendliness are mutually exclusive. At our Florida Keys Airbnb, we challenge this notion daily. We’ve meticulously selected amenities that are both indulgent and environmentally responsible. From organic linens to natural soaps, our attention to detail ensures that your stay is immersed in comfort without compromising eco-integrity.

Drifting off to sleep in our cozy, eco-conscious bedding, you’ll find peace not only in the silence of the night but also in the knowledge that your stay supports sustainable practices. As you awake to the serene surroundings of Little Torch Key, the gentle lapping of the canal’s waters reminds you that your choice to pursue Eco-Friendly Stays in Florida Keys contributes positively to this paradisiacal setting.

Our outdoor deck, shaded by native flora, offers an intimate space for reflection or an al fresco dining experience under the stars. Here, you can enjoy the catch of the day, knowing that responsible fishing practices shape our local seafood offerings, reflecting the genuine essence of Eco-Friendly Stays in Florida Keys.

Last but not least, we are ardent about reducing plastic waste. This passion has led us to provide every guest with a reusable water bottle upon arrival, a small token to reduce single-use plastics during your excursions throughout the Keys. These efforts demonstrate our resolve to not only provide a haven for our guests but also to protect the unrivaled beauty that is the Florida Keys.

Embrace Nature Exploration

Welcome to our slice of paradise at Florida Keys Airbnb, where nature exploration rentals are not just an add-on, they are the essence of our existence. Here, you can immerse in the raw beauty of the Keys, a place where each sunrise promises new adventures and twilight whispers tales of the day’s discoveries. Our guests savor moments of bliss in kayaks, softly gliding over transparent waters, where manatees play hide and seek in the sea grass, and vibrant coral reefs beckon below.

At the heart of our ethos is the belief that to explore is to live. Our nature exploration rentals provide the perfect vessels for your aquatic escapades. Imagine setting off on a paddleboard to witness the delicate dance of the dolphins at dawn, or renting a fishing canoe to seek out the elusive bonefish. Our extensive selection ensures that whether you’re a novice seeking tranquility or an expert angler in search of a challenge, you’ll find the ideal gear to complement your journey.

Our personalized service extends beyond the comforts of your stay. We are eager to recommend hidden gems and the most scenic routes for your self-guided tours. Trust in our local knowledge to guide you to places where the ocean’s song is the only sound, punctuated by the occasional splash of a pelican’s dive.

Unforgettable Memories

In the Florida Keys, the horizon is not a boundary but an invitation. Our nature exploration rentals allow you to answer nature’s call with finesse. Many of our guests recount their first snorkel experience among the teeming fish of Looe Key as a revelation, an underwater ballet they can now join with just a mask and fins. Others share tales of twilight fishing, where the silver flash of tarpon turns the sea into a poet’s canvas.

We understand the nuances that turn a good vacation into a great one. The magic is often in the details – a cooler for your refreshments, a waterproof map to navigate the mangroves, or a comfortable life jacket for safety on your voyage. We go the extra mile to ensure these essentials are part of your nature exploration rentals package, so your focus remains on the joy of discovery.

Serene Kayaking Experience in Florida Keys Eco-Tour

Yet, our commitment runs deeper than the ocean our guests explore. As guardians of this delicate ecosystem, we advocate for responsible tourism. Our practices align with conservation efforts to safeguard the wonders that make the Florida Keys an ecological treasure. With each nature exploration rental, you’re not only embarking on an adventure but also joining us in preserving the pristine nature of our home.

Our guests often tell us that their time spent under the sunsets and stars, amidst the whispers of the palms, becomes a part of them. With nature exploration rentals, they carry the spirit of the Keys within, long after their footprints in the sand have faded.

Tailored Experiences

Adventure is personal, and at Florida Keys Airbnb, we understand that your journey is unique. That’s why our nature exploration rentals are as adaptable as the ecosystems that surround us. Whether you’re yearning for solitude on a solo paddle through mangrove tunnels or looking to bond with your family on a glass-bottom boat excursion, we cater to your dreams.

Our guests have varied cravings for adventure – some seek the rush of wind on their sails as they kiteboard across the emerald waters, others find solace in the rhythmic motion of a kayak. Our array of nature exploration rentals stands ready, waiting to be the silent partner in your tale of exploration. We even offer guided eco-tours for those who wish to delve deeper, learning about the local flora and fauna from experts who share our passion for nature.

To us, the Florida Keys are more than a location; they are a living canvas for your personal odyssey. Through our nature exploration rentals, we facilitate a dialogue between you and the natural world. Whether witnessing the majesty of a coral spawn or the delicate landing of a butterfly, these are the moments when time stands still, and the heart races. They’re waiting for you here, in the embrace of the Keys.

What precisely are Florida Keys Eco-Tours, and how do they differentiate from regular tours?

Florida Keys Eco-Tours are unique, immersive experiences that offer a deep connection to the natural environment of the Keys. Unlike regular tours, these excursions are led by knowledgeable naturalists and focus on fostering a profound understanding and appreciation for the delicate ecosystems of the area. By participating in activities like kayaking amidst the mangroves or snorkeling along vibrant coral reefs, guests aren’t just sightseeing–they’re engaging actively with the environment and learning about the importance of conservation. These adventures encourage a responsible interaction with nature, frequently leaving participants with a transformed perspective on wildlife and the necessity of protecting these habitats.

Aren’t eco-tours just a way for tourism businesses to appear ‘green’ without making real changes?

That’s a common misconception, but it’s not the case with us here at Florida Keys Airbnb. Our eco-tours are an integral part of our commitment to sustainability. We collaborate with guides and companies that truly prioritize environmental conservation. For us, being ‘green’ isn’t a marketing gimmick; it’s a way of life that we share with our guests. Our accommodations and tours are carefully designed to minimize impact on the environment–from the eco-friendly products we offer to the practices we promote, such as reducing plastic waste by providing reusable water bottles. We take pride in educating our guests on how they can make a positive impact during their stay and beyond.

What benefits do guests experience from a guided nature excursion in the Florida Keys?

Guided nature excursions allow guests to explore the Florida Keys through the eyes of local experts who can unveil the hidden beauty of the ecosystems. These excursions are not just about taking in the scenery; they’re educational experiences that offer insights into local wildlife, plant species, and the ecological balance of the habitats we visit. Our guides share stories that bring the environment to life, creating a greater sense of appreciation for the natural world. Guests often leave feeling a closer connection to nature and carry forward an increased awareness about the importance of preserving such extraordinary places.

How do eco-friendly accommodations at Florida Keys Airbnb contribute to sustainability?

Our eco-friendly accommodations directly contribute to sustainability by using less water and energy, reducing waste, and providing guests with a comfortable stay that respects the natural environment. From installing low-flow faucets and energy-efficient lighting to using organic linens and natural soaps, we are meticulous in our efforts to align your living space with eco-conscious practices. We believe that luxury and eco-friendliness can coexist, and our accommodations are proof of this. Guests can enjoy their stay knowing they are making a lower environmental impact.

Why should I choose nature exploration rentals for my Florida Keys adventure?

Choosing nature exploration rentals such as kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear is a fantastic way to personally connect with the incredible marine life and ecosystems of the Florida Keys. These rentals allow for up-close and personal encounters with nature at your own pace. They are also a sustainable option, as they don’t produce emissions like motorboats do. Furthermore, by renting, you’re supporting local businesses that share our commitment to conservation and responsible tourism. Plus, we ensure you have all the gear and guidance you need to safely and respectfully enjoy the unique surroundings.

How can taking part in Florida Keys Eco-Tours lead to unforgettable memories?

Participating in Florida Keys Eco-Tours often results in memories that last a lifetime. These unique experiences allow you to witness the beauty and complexity of ecosystems, encounter local wildlife, and learn about the environment in a hands-on way. The stories shared by guides, the thrill of spotting a timid Key deer in the wild, or the peacefulness of paddling through quiet waters at sunset–all these moments contribute to a deeper understanding and connection with nature, making your vacation memorable and meaningful.

How can Florida Keys Airbnb tailor an eco-tour to my specific interests?

At Florida Keys Airbnb, we understand that each guest has their own idea of adventure. That’s why we take a personalized approach to our eco-tour recommendations, offering a variety of options to match your interests. Whether you seek the thrill of kiteboarding or the calm of a solitary kayak trip, we can advise you on the best local experiences. We can connect you with guided tours for a deeper dive into the Keys’ ecosystems or suggest self-guided routes for a more intimate encounter with nature. Your adventure is our priority, and we’re here to make it as fulfilling and personalized as possible.

What is Florida Keys Airbnb doing to ensure the local environment is preserved for future generations?

At Florida Keys Airbnb, we are deeply committed to protecting the natural beauty of the Keys for the enjoyment of future generations. Our efforts go beyond providing eco-friendly stays and nature exploration rentals. We actively participate in local conservation efforts, educate our guests on sustainable practices, and promote activities that have minimal impact on the environment. We also support and collaborate with organizations dedicated to preserving the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Florida Keys. Our goal is to be not just a temporary home for our guests but also a long-term guardian of the fragile paradise we call home.

Can you provide some tips for travelers who want to stay eco-conscious during their visit to the Florida Keys?

Staying eco-conscious during your visit to the Florida Keys is all about making mindful choices. Here are some tips: opt for nature exploration rentals over motorized options when possible, avoid single-use plastics by using reusable containers and bottles, and respect wildlife by keeping a safe distance and not feeding them. You can also support local businesses that prioritize sustainability, participate in eco-tours to learn about protecting the environment, and choose accommodations, like ours, that implement eco-friendly practices. Remember that every small action contributes to the overall health of this incredible ecosystem.

Eco-Adventures Resources

  • Florida State Parks: Explore the variety of natural habitats and wildlife in the Florida Keys through state parks like Bahia Honda. Visit the official website for information on activities and conservation efforts at floridastateparks.org.
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Learn about marine life, conservation initiatives, and responsible wildlife interactions in the Florida Keys with resources from the FWC. Check out their educational materials at myfwc.com.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: Discover the unique ecosystems of the Florida Keys and efforts to protect this vital area at the NOAA’s official page for the sanctuary at floridakeys.noaa.gov.
  • University of Florida IFAS Extension: Engage with expert-vetted information on Florida’s environment and ecosystems, with a focus on sustainable living and nature preservation, available at sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/keys.
  • The Nature Conservancy in Florida: Find out more about conservation projects and how you can get involved in protecting the Keys’ natural environment at The Nature Conservancy’s Florida Chapter website at nature.org.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Water Topics: Read up on water conservation, marine protection, and environmental education through the EPA’s comprehensive water-related resources at epa.gov.
  • The Key Deer Refuge: Learn how to observe and protect the endangered Key deer, unique to the Florida Keys, by visiting their refuge site at fws.gov.
  • Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium: Gain insights into marine research, rehabilitation, and public education initiatives taking place in the Florida Keys from Mote’s official site at mote.org.
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